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Your Digital Footprint


This post is for week #3 of the Student Blogging Challenge, talking about two videos on the website Student Blog Challenge.

Your digital footprint is very important. All your information, google searches, probably even usernames and passwords for different sites make up your digital footprint. The first video from the website (linked above) is more of an announcement, almost an ad that is more about what the public can do with your footprint. I personally liked it better because it had more visuals than the other, so the information it had stuck in my mind better. The second video was more of a documentary, following a person through their life through their digital footprint, explaining to you what consists of your digital footprint. It also had more research, body to the information it was giving you.

The difference between the videos, beside the type of video, announcement vs. documentary, is the content. The first video could be seen as more kid friendly, little bit less information, more pictures. The second one would be for older people, because it has a more research to it, and it’s a little more serious, just less pictures. Both are quite helpful however for understanding what is your digital footprint.


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