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Where to Take Someone Who Visited California

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If someone were to visit California, i would take them to:

1. San Francisco-San Francisco has soo much history in it, it certainly fascinates me. This includes Alcatraz and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

2.  AT&T Park/Candlestick Park-Who doesn’t want to catch a game of the SF Giants or 49’s.

3. Santa Cruz-Everyone has to spend a day in the sun, on the beach, playing on the boardwalk.

4. Yosemite-Yosemite has incredible hikes, views and flora and fauna. Its the perfect place to camp, get amazing pictures, or just take a zen moment in nature. 

5. San Diego Zoo- San Diego Zoo has so many animals, and spots to play around or have lunch. And if you get board, it’s right near the beach, so more sun and fun while cooling down in the water.

Comment below where you would take someone who came to California? If you are not from California, where would you like to go if you came here?

One Comment

  1. G’day Chessa,
    I am not a sporting person so have not been to No 2. but I have been to all the others. I love your comment about taking a zen moment in nature at Yosemite.

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