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February 26, 2014
by chessa8sms

Killing the Indian… Native American Boarding Schools

This is a response to an NPR article about Native American Boarding Schools.

In class, we read an article about American Indian boarding schools. It was from the point of American Indians, and they explained how going to the boarding schools influenced who they are today. I think that it is absolutely terrible what the boarding schools did, “Kill the Indian…Save the Man.” When the children were forced to go to boarding school, they were tortured, and beaten. They were forced to become something completely contrary to their culture and who they were. When at school, they were whitewashed, and were restricted from speaking their native language, or practicing any part of there culture.  I don’t know how some Indians claim to have come away having a good experience. The NPR article states that the boarding schools main intent was to “…completely transform people, inside and out. Language, religion, family structure, economics, the way you make a living, the way you express emotion, everything.” No person working for, owning, doing anything around the boarding schools begrudged what they were doing to the Indian kids.


What I learned from this article is that certain people want to do something about the Native Americans, as to restrict who they are or what they can do as a way of saying: we are better than you, you are beneath us, and we just want to make you something different. The actions they took against the Indians were genocidal, which in my view is appalling, and shameful. Also, people take advantage of others when they have the power to. Though the boarding schools main intent was to kill the Indian… save the man, there was no saving involved.






February 26, 2014
by chessa8sms

My Special Box

In class, I did an imitation of “The Magic Box”- by Kit Wright

My Special Box

I will put in my box

The acoustic sound of “Change the World” in the near distance

Dust from the wings of a captured fairy

The sway of the needles of a pine tree

I will put in my box

A child with a thank-you smile

A mouthful of the thickest custard from a banana cream pie

A flying flash of a lightning bug

I will put in my box

Great wishes and dreams from long ago

The last slurp of grandma’s jello salad

The rise of a prairie morning sun

I will put in my box

The gold medals and the national anthem

A sense of community on every street corner

A block party in everyone

My box is created by

Glass and color and pride

With sugar along the border and

Trust in the lock

The lid is a new world’s portal

I shall hide in my box

During the deep hidden problems of the U.S.A

Then open up to the bright world, the color of life.

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